About Trust

About Trust

The aim of all the rivers is to flow towards the sea and to become the sea ultimately. However, the river like Ganges only reaches the sea. The reason is it permits other small rivers also along its path to merge into it and take them also along with it to the journey. Similarly the humanity is also from its begining/birth flowing through different paths towards the goal of happiness, pleasure & prosperousness. All the efforts, the entire journey, all the development, all the invention, all the doings whatever may be are in want of that. Inventions & development of Science &Technology is one of the paths in that direction. In want of that the latest development in the feild of Science & Technology is taking place daily, propelling continuously the life of human being towards the ultimate happiness.
"Siddhartha Jan Kalyan Trust" is a Public Charitable Trust, registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 having registration No. 12427/818/2009 Dated 21/10/2009.
"Siddhartha Jan Kalyan Trust" like the river Ganges is determined with its mandate "सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः" to make all the efforts to help the people of India particularly the people of this area/state to become happy, pleasureful, prosperous and wealthy through the path of Science & Technology by establishing technical institutions for cross discipline & technical based learning, promoting institutions of Technical & Professional education as centre of excellence and knowledge corridors and entrepreneurship in education training and research. "Siddhartha Jan Kalyan Trust" is devoted for upliftment of humanity in all dimensions of life, to fill all colors of richness in the life of human being.
It was a long cherished desire of that "Trust" to establisha Technical Institute to benefit the SC/ST and backward communities of the Jharkhand state in particular and the whole nation in general. In this hard and competitive age with the menacing problem of unemployment, it was felt to be the most burning need of the times to prepare the present generation conforming to the requirement of the modern times. Thus the idea was conceived and after much sweat and toil the "Siddhartha Jan Kalyan Trust" achieved its goal.
The Trust is at present housed at the Vistipara, H.E. School Road, Dhanbad just 0.5km walking distance from Dhanbad Railway Station.


Electrician Lab
Fitter Lab
Welder Lab
Computer lab



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    Baramuri | B.Polytechnic
    Near Birsa Munda Park | Dhanbad
  • Email: siddharthajankalyantrust@yahoo.in
  • Website: www.siddharthaiti.com
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