Secretary Desk's

Secretary Desk's

Women constitute approximately half of the population while maximum percentage of them are not in the mainstream of the country. This situation impels doing lots of work at economic, social and literal fronts for their upliftment and betterment so that their involvement in the mainstream is achieved and their contribution for the development of our country is ascertained.

Siddhartha ITI is determined to educate, aware and train in science and technology this part of the population so that their involvement in the country's progress is ascertained. Simultaneously it is also determined to make all efforts for the development of those weaker sections of society whose developments have been blocked since long.

I extend hearty welcome to students who wish to build India a country in which equal opportunities are provided for each and every citizen for their development and involvement in progress of the country by choosing Siddhartha ITI as their place of study.


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