Director Desk's

Director Desk's

Human beings live on two levels, at inner and outer. At inner level, there are mind, heart and soul while at outer level are body, family, society, country and the world. Become blissful (ultimate happiness) is the inherent nature of all human beings. All the efforts, journey and inventions etc. are towards this direction only. Blissfulness will be achieved only when it is achieved on both the levels (inner and outer). At inner level it is achieved by Dhyan, Gyan and Devotion etc. While at outer level it will be achieved only through the invention, expansion, involvement, continuous development and use of science and technology. The need is to make the people aware of this truth at grass root level so that masses will be benefited and India as a whole becomes a blissful country. Siddhartha ITI is a step in this direction to make people blissful at their outer level, to do all the endeavor to educate, aware, build and train them to the latest technology on the industrial field, make them valuable for the country by enhancing their skill, capability and talent, motivate them to make great effort for betterment of present technology so that future will be again more and more blissful.

I extend a hearty welcome to the students who wish to build a blissful India as a whole by choosing Siddhartha ITI as their place of study.


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